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Wisdom when needed

In secolul 13, Henric al II-lea. In secolul 20, Kemal. Oameni care au separat statul de biserica. Oameni care au pus accentul pe educatia laica pentru ruperea de dogma.

Si bine au facut...

* * *

On 1 March 1924, at the Assembly, Mustafa Kemal said
“The religion of Islam will be elevated if it will cease to be a political instrument, as had been the case in the past.“

[...] Kemal linked educational reform to the liberation of the nation from dogma, which he believed was more important than the Turkish war of independence.

“Today, our most important and most productive task is the national education [unification and modernization] affairs. We have to be successful in national education affairs and we shall be. The liberation of a nation is only achieved through this way.”

In the summer of 1924 Mustafa Kemal invited American educational reformer John Dewey to Anakara to advise him for the reforms and recommendations. His public education reforms aimed to prepare citizens for roles in public life through increasing the public literacy. He wanted to institute compulsory primary education for both girls and boys; since then this effort has been an ongoing task for the republic. He pointed out that one of the main targets of education in Turkey had to be raising a generation nourished with what he called the "public culture". The state schools established a common curriculum which became known as the "unification of education."

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Calypso spunea...

Subscriu! : )
... in extenso, s-ar putea sa va intereseze si:
"Stealth Superpower: How Turkey Is Chasing China in Bid to Become the Next Big Thing"

Peter spunea...

Cu ceva ani in urma am citit o biografie a lui Atatürk. Omul a fost intr-adevar un vizionar pentru timpul lui. Parerea mea este ca, din pacate pentru Turcia, s-a nascut prea devreme!

impricinatul de corn spunea...

n-a aparut chiar asa de devreme. background-ul lui mental general se baza, inca, pe o perspectiva imperiala.
amploare, chestii... :)