luni, 16 iunie 2008


As some of you might now, and the rest of you will surely never do (since you are naive outsiders, not in the know, and we won't invite you inside :p ), amnesiac just granted us with a gorgeous 70 mm print version of the Big Trail (Raoul Walsh, 1930).

One of the great movies of the early talking era. A beauty in itself. The movie that put John Wayne on the trail (and almost killed his career). Gorgeous scenery, great movie making. You should see it someday. I can rent you a copy... :p

I remember watching it, some more than 10 years ago, in an empty library somewhere in the middle of Mid West, during a snowy winter. but that's another story, for another time and another post :wink:

That's why life is beautiful. That's why friends are for. That's why Exit Polls sometimes get right. Isn't it, my friends?


Stir it up! Gidd'up! ! Gidd'up! Make my day...

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Anonim spunea...

sorry, ne'er watch'd.
have fun and ... whatever comes attach'd :)