sâmbătă, 14 iunie 2008

The times they are achanging

Doubt is rising. The tide is turning. The priests request themselves out.

Play it again, Bob... :)

Courtesy of The Lucifer Principle and Psychology Today.

To be a clergyman struggling with God in modern times is to reside at the center of a great battle. At a time when the tension between faith and doubt arguably defines the distance between people more than does gender or race or even politics, the Doubting Priest bears witness for the defense and the prosecution. [...]

The spiritual struggles of ministers and priests and rabbis remind us that, amid encroaching fundamentalism, atheism is also on the rise. The neo-atheist movement is fueled by outspoken academics and intellectuals including Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and others who bombard the airwaves and bestseller lists with their calls for deconversion. You can now send your kid to an atheist summer camp or get yourself certifiably "de-baptized." (Britain's national Secular Society offers the service: "Liberate yourself from the original mumbo jumbo that liberated you from the original sin you never had.") There are hundreds of college-campus groups devoted to secular humanism. The Atheist Alliance International reports "so many speaking requests that leaders of national atheist groups can't keep up."

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Anonim spunea...

Fie ca alianta ateista internationala sa castige, slavita fie stiinta! Va castiga cu siguranta in luptele ei cu ateistii aliantei internationale si cu internationala aliantei ateiste! Dawkins is God! Oh my God!