marți, 31 iulie 2007

Summer of Dead Comedians

Today, one by one, the following ones just passed away:

Ingmar Bergman (Swedish movie director)

Teoctist (Romanian priest, head of Romanian Orthodox Church)

Michel Serrault (French actor)

And, to quote zoso, Florian Pittis (Romanian actor) waits in his last blockstarts. Prostate cancer. :( He used to be an aspirational figure for our entire freedom-seeking generation. :(

May God forgive them all. I cannot forgive Teoctist. The red priest, the Communist tool.

But wait a minute... I've nearly forgot :slap: There ain't no God around. Just probability and chance.

LATER EDIT: Today Michelangelo Antonioni also died. Thus another piece of cinema goes straight into history books. :(

Citeste tot...

True happiness this way lies

That's where one can die of sheer happiness. Or clumsiness. The green pastures of Earthly Heaven. Sweat and rock.

Ladies and gentle brutes, the Piatra Craiului Mountains, the Middle Ledge (Braul de Mijloc). A month ago. My humble self, Florentina, Sorin, Tudor.


The Iron Stair (Scara de Fier) [Sorin climbing it down]

The base of the Yellow Cliff (Saritoarea de la baza Malului Galben) [Flo climbing it up]

Sheer wall. Somewhere. I don't remember where.

Summer snow in a valley bellow The Bowl (Zapada inainte de La Ulcior)
Citeste tot...

Here we go...

I don't know if I'm doin' the right thing.

Primo tempo: it will take a helluva time. Do we have spare time? Nope we don't.

Secundo tempo: I've started with the left foot. is already taken. And of course is dead / unused / wasted. The heck! :rant: :angry:

And there are not enough smilies for the hysterical beast within me. :rant: again.

A sip of brandy. Here I start.

Simple. I'll have to keep it simple. Citeste tot...