duminică, 16 martie 2008

Great gooogly mooowgly!

Aaaaaargghh!!! How comes I forgot about it?


I woke up this morning, tired and stiff,
And said to myself: I'll have something to eat.
Or no. Better yet. I'll listen to Zappa. This will make all ends meet.
And I've got myself some Hot Rats to eat.

And I've listened and listened and shivered and cried:

Damn! Jiissus! I'll listen to this until the day when I'll die!
I'll turn it loud and I'll make it scream
I'll put the house on fire and make my woman dream.

Great goooogly moooowgly! It was a looong time since listening to Hot Rats. And now I've received the bullet in the chest with all its mighty force. Easily one of the Top Ten ever rock / prog albums. And Don Sugarcane Harris plays the fiddle like a demon on The Gumbo Variations. In fact, this Gumbo Variations is so hot, it woke me up much better than a whole jug of a mug of a coffee. Which means something, in the current state of my tired nerves.

Okilie dokilie. Back to music. Just wanted to share this biuty with you. Get it, you heathens! :)

The Gumbo Variations, Part 1
Including a free swinging monkey fer yer eyes

The Gumbo Variations, Part 2
Forget the monkey. Listen to the violin

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