luni, 31 martie 2008

Goldberg Variations

Sometimes I think he's too mechanical. Like, for instance, in the Well Tempered Clavier, where, IMHO, I think none could ever surpass Sviatoslav Richter's genial approach.

But there are other times I feel he's got exactly the right mood. Bach as Bach played it in his great mind. Like in The Partitas (Clavier-Übung I) or in The Goldberg Variations.

Glenn Gould. Revered, abhorred, praised and maimed.

This morning I therefore bring to thy sleepy ears The Goldberg Variations, in Glenn Gould's interpretation, especially for you.

Why? Because I've just listened to them for half a night, while working, in Angela Hewitt's interpretation. (Both of them on piano. I really don't like the harpsichord, although the purists might say that's how Bach intended them to be played.)

Have a good day, a good week and a good life!


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oceania spunea...

am inceput ziua ascultand muzica asta sublima. sper sa fie o zi buna:)