marți, 11 martie 2008


Helplesness. My heart cringes every time I see her. And I cannot do a thing. A bloody thing.

This morning, just arrived for Lisboa, I've helped her to the school. You know, the regular stuff: take the backpack, then the elevator, walk across the boulevard and several small streets until her neighbourhood school.

This morning, like other mornings, we met the twins. Her two twin colleagues, twin sisters. Same age. One head taller than her.

The difference is striking. It's like being from other age group.

I know she suffers. We suffer too. She's the smallest in her class. She was the smallest also in both her kindergarten groups. The kids make fun of her. And I know this will interfere with her future. The boys she'll see, the relationships with her colleagues, the professional life. Frustrations, resentments, haughty attitudes. Vertical superiority transposed into social superiority.

As Homer Simpson used to say: Damn you! Damn you all... :(

4 comentarii:

Anonim spunea...

Dar copiii inca mai cresc, nu-i asa? Exista sanse ca situatia sa se modifice de-a lungul timpului :-).

Bogdan spunea...

Nope, not necessary.

The world is cruel, but the close ones, her "circle of trust" might make her to ignore the frustrations, and to use the mean attitudes in order to strengthen herself.

But it depends on many things :((

Turambar spunea...

Cresc, cresc, insa diferentialul ramane in continuare :(

Mda. We support her with all our emotional might. However, it's still tough out there. I remember all my childhood, how I suffered being small :(

Anonim spunea...

I always was the smallest in my class.... Now I'm ok :). My nephew is the same. It's a bloody world where we cannot se behind looks.