sâmbătă, 29 octombrie 2011

[...] so few are leaving

There are many statistics to prove America's success, but more convincing than data is the fact that so few are leaving. Scholars would do well to chart the movement of people—common people—for it is obvious that the overwhelming wisdom of a multitude of enterprising individuals will choose the best social environment. And they come to America, freely and deliberately choosing the best destination available.

If multiculturists were right, historical emigration trends would have shown equally large numbers of people fleeing to Samoa, Tanzania, Peru, Bulgaria, Mongolia, even the Artic lands of the Inuits and Laplanders. But the vast majority chose Western nations, and especially the United States of America.

Bill Greene, Common Genius: Guts, Grit, and Common Sense. How Ordinary People Create Prosperous Societies and How Intellectuals Make Them Collapse

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John Galt spunea...


Thomas Sowell on Intellectuals and Society

k spunea...

we're headin' out Californee way, man.

Fluieratorul spunea...

The vast majority (by numbers) choses some social comfort, not the best, dar better than at home; cel putin in zilele noastre, nu pe vremea cind irlandezii si suedezii morti de foame plecau incotro vedeau cu ochii... Altfel, cine poate spune daca America va fi sau nu o destinatie favorita peste, sa zice, 50 de ani? Sau Europa de Vest? Cred ca se va pleca si de acolo in valuri in vreo 10-20 de ani.

Eu unul am vizitat aceste "vesturi" si le-am locuit temporar, dar daca e sa-mi aleg unde sa plec definitiv, as emigra in Argentina. Not the best social environment, but still a lot of room for improvement. poate ca pe-acolo cineva o sa vrea si contributia mea. Si pe la noi pe-aici e loc de mai bine, numai ca nimeni nu pare sa vrea sa-l faca.