duminică, 15 februarie 2009

A search for community

Norman Swan: Is this why you think, and you often talk about the rise of religion in the world of science, there's the rise of religion. Is this why you think it's happening? The creation of a community?

Alvin Toffler: Yes, let me say that, that I think a good part of the resurgence of religion in the west is not based on theology or indeed on religion as such, but it reflects a search for community among millions of people who feel isolated, alone, alienated, anomic, and so on, and church frequently offers a place where they can be good people in a safe environment, and can develop social ties along with religion offering an explanation of the meaning of life, it offers community as well. And I think a lot of the people who are signing-up these days, are doing it for at least mixed motives, or are essentially signing-up for the communal reasons, and are willing to accept the particular theology that comes with it.

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