luni, 3 martie 2008

Efter Brylluppet

We've just seen this one: Efter Brylluppet. After The Wedding.

It's about death. And hope. And responsibility. And Scandinavian minimalism. And composure. And unfinished gestures. And outbursts of the heart. And authenticity.

But it is mainly about death. Death. The final frontier.

We've just cried like babies. We watched the movie, we had our share of tears towards the end, then we hugged each other in the middle of the night and cried some more, fearing those times when we'll find ourselves on the verge of dying.

We're afraid of dying. Of course. Damn! Of course we're afraid of dying. What a stupid way of stating the obvious.

Brilliant acting by Rolf Lassgård. We started watching this movie mainly for Mads Mikkelsen, but we've gradually found out that the true star of this movie, besides the script, is Lassgård.

Watch it and be afraid. Of death.

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