miercuri, 12 decembrie 2007

The Four F's

I'm just reading David Lodge's Thinks....

Ştiu, ştiu, a fost tradusă şi în română. Gânduri ascunse. But I have found it in a Romanian bookshop in English (go figure). La Nautilus, în sectorul 1, lângă Statuia Aviatorilor, lângă o secţie de poliţie. O librărie ţinută de un soţ şi o soţie, specializată în Sci Fi şi Fantasy, dar şi cu o secţie bine garnisită de General Fiction. We should speak more about their intellectual efforts and we should promote them more.

Dar nu despre asta era vorba. I was reading Thoughts..., enormously enjoying it, as I've enormously enjoyed most of Lodge's books, and felt the sudden urge to post excerpts of it on my blog. (In fact, that wouldn't be the first time I feel compelled to post excerpts from this book.)

On page 101, the two main characters, Ralph and Helen, were discussing brain size. And Ralph tells her, not without hindsight and a hidden mating agenda, about the four F’s from the animal world:

Fighting, fleeing, feeding and... mating.

Then Helen giggled. :) I mean sniggered. :)

That’s what we are made for, dear ladies and gentlemen: to survive and to procreate. And, the few of us, humans, to cogitate about it and to come with false answers concerning the fate of humans on this fateless Universe.

The rest is silence

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