joi, 10 ianuarie 2008

Premiile Darwin

Presupun ca stiti despre Premiile Darwin. Ele reprezinta victoria ingeniozitatii asupra supravietuirii. Cum sa mori prin aplicarea unor straturi groase de prostie peste realitate. Survival of the fittest, cum ar zice prietenul meu Daffy Duck. Sau, cum gingas spune wikipagina:

"The Awards honour people who ensure the long-term survival of the human race by removing themselves from the gene pool in a sublimely idiotic fashion."

Ei bine, avem shi noi premiantzii nostri. Un puternic candidat, in poza care urmeaza. Observati, va rog, elegantza impletirii plasticului pe plastic, ingeniozitatea folosirii shlapilor de sigurantza, nonshalantza curajoasa cu care se priveshte moartea in fatza, taria alcoolului care anihileaza riscul.

De macsima ecsceptzie genetica, estetica shi electrica.

Courtesy of Hotnews.

LOL Traiasca moartea prin electrocutare! :D

LATER EDIT: Hai, ca nu ma pot abtine. Doar una. Dar faina:

(North Carolina, 1987) Ivan, an experienced parachutist with 800 jumps under his belt, was videotaping a private lesson given by an instructor for a single trainee. He had attached the video camera to his helmet so that it would capture the entire day of instruction, and the supporting power supply and recorder were in a heavy satchel slung on his back.

The group went up in the plane, and the instructor led the enthusiastic beginner through preparations for the jump. Ivan carefully documented the lesson, which needed to be perfect for the sake of posterity,

When they reached the jump site, Ivan jumped from the back of the plane and filmed the student and instructor jumping from the front of the plane. A few heartbeats later, tape still running, Ivan realized that he had been so focused on filming the jump that he had forgotten to strap on his own parachute. An FAA spokesperson said that the video equipment strapped to his back may have been mistaken for a parachute.

In the footage salvaged from the camera and spliced together, the student and instructor are shown in freefall befire they pull their ripcords and recede rapidly from view. Then the cameraman's hands reach for his own ripcord. When Ivan realizes he has no ripcord, ergo no chute, his hands are seen to flail about wildly, then the camera pans down towards the approaching earth...

Film from the final stage of the plunge was destroyed on impact.

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Diana Adela Martin spunea...

la un centru de inchirieri video -> acolo am aflat de premiile darwin

Turambar spunea...

He he. Nu-i asa ca viata e frumoasa cand e plina da oameni dashteptzi?


Moxx spunea...

poza aia e geniala:)))

Turambar spunea...

Stai sa vezi, ca am pus si un textuletz dupa, cu unul din premiile Darwin: unul care a sarit din avion fara parasuta.

Du-te pe site-ul lor,

daca vrei sa te caci pe tine de ras :)

Diana Adela Martin spunea...

si iulian tanase avea o propunere funny intr-una din emisiunile lui: premiul nobel (acordat postmortem) pentru cea mai frumoasa moarte

Turambar spunea...

Astept. Inca astept. Mai e un pic. Sticla de shampanie. Sticla de Laphroaig.

In curand...