joi, 17 ianuarie 2008


That would be A Feast For Crows. A Song Of Ice And Fire, volume IV.

I’m reading it right now, after a prolounged procrastination. I’ve bought it more than an year ago, (in double copy, since I'm reckless and don't keep track of what I have and what not). Then it just lingered on a shelf until last weekend, when I’ve finally found the heart to start reading it.

Lately I have this reluctance of starting reading thick books. It should have a name, fer Xst sake. Greek-something-bibliophobia. OK, I’ve got it: grossobibliophobia.

I've already reached almost page 200. It's not like the first two books (The Game Of Thrones and A Clash Of Kings), but still manages to keep me interested, although I've forgotten most of the details about characters, places, plots. I kinda have to re-learn Westeros again.

But I tell thee, dear reader: it's still addictive. This George R R Martin knows how to write.

I'm glad I still have the urge for lecture. I'm not completely doomed. Yet...

See here for more details. And thank you, MDP, for lending me the first volume, almost ten years ago.

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