miercuri, 9 ianuarie 2008

O țâță pe zi

O țâță pe zi
Te-ndeamnă la prostii.

O țâță alb-negru
Te păstrează integru.

O țâță veche
N-are pereche.


A tit per day
Will lead you astray.

A black and white tit
Will keep you out of it.

Old tits, good tits, great tits. You know what?
They don’t make them anymore like that.


May she rest in peace. She was beautiful, tormented, hysterical, sensible. She tormented a whole world and a couple of presidents too. She was great. We still love you, Marilyn! (*)

(*) And your great tits as well, of course... :)

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INconstantIN spunea...

Who wouldn't love her?:P