duminică, 27 ianuarie 2008

Obama wins in S Carolina

Yesterday, Obama won in South Carolina. Not only that he won, but he thrashed Mrs. Clinton: 55% for Obama, against 27% for Hillary.

The Economist concludes in a thoughtful manner:

Mrs Clinton, of course, will act as though she has merely hit a small bump. The candidates now head to February 5th, a mega-primary in which over 20 states will vote for the Democratic nomination. She retains an unrivalled network of supporters built up over decades, a deep war chest and unbeatable name recognition. Mr Obama needed to win South Carolina merely to stay in the game. But the manner of his victory and the punch in his post-vote speech say that he is not just in it to survive, but that he intends and expects to win.

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Moxx spunea...

domnu, ma scuzati
v-am furat widgetu' :D

Turambar spunea...

You'll have to pay royalties for it. Ca la Amway: 50% mie si 50% lu finix.


finix spunea...

I saw it first! :P

Turambar spunea...

Tzi-am spus eu, moxx. Habar n-ai in ce te-ai bagat. Acum o sa venit dupe tine ca nishte caini, sa ne plateshti.