miercuri, 9 ianuarie 2008

Mocking postmodernism

The way the bloody post-modernist relativists think, courtesy of the clear, classical writing style of David Lodge, a literary critic and theorist himself. Tongue in cheek, but clearly, beautifully presented.

The stuff the science is made of: be able to present the opponent’s point of view as clear and impassionate as your own.


Subject as experiencing individual, the subject of a sentence, the subject of a political state, and the subject of English Literature in the university curriculum. The Subject in all these senses is a Bad Thing, said she, the beautiful lecturer. There is some kind of equivalence between the privileging of the ego in classical psychoanalysis, the fetishization of formal corectness in traditional grammar, the exploitation and oppresion of subject races by colonialism, and the idea of a literary cannon: they are all reperssive and tyrannical and phallocentric and have to be deconstructed…

David Lodge, Thinks..., p. 225; Penguin Books, 2001

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