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De ce trece timpul, Costica?

E ciudat si creepy sa-ti vezi comentariul scris acum mai bine de 10 ani pe IMDB citat zilele astea ca fiind "de la sine inteles", "comentariul de pe IMDB", "mainstream knowledge" pe unul din cele mai prestigioase site-uri subversivo-subterane de filme (Karagarga, na c-am spus-o).

Asta este comentariul meu de pe IMDB din martie 2001. Dumnezeule! De ce trag clopotele, Mitica? De ce trece timpul, Costica? De ce ma trec fiori, Fanica?

* * *

Although not so well-known as others East European cinemas (Polish or Czech, for instance), the Romanian school managed to produce several high-quality movies. One of them -- some would say the best -- is "Why do they ring the bells, Mitica?".

Inspired by the work of the Romanian play-writer I.L. Caragiale, a bitter-funny witness of the 20th turn-of-the-century Romanian burgeois mores, the movie manages to grasp the cheap, frantic, colourful and slightly hysteric atmosphere of Caragiale's plays.

The movie's director, Lucian Pintilie, is one of the few success stories of the Romanian cinema. He turns the classical, linear plot of the play into a zigzagged scenario, combining it with several other Caragiale's short-stories. The result is a weird combination of crazy carnival scenes and short, alienated insertions reminding of Antognioni's "Red Dessert". A burlesque, fast-paced, snowball-like comedy (because, after all, *it remains* a comedy) with plenty of post-modernist auto-reflexivity and deep meditative undertones.

In fact, these undertones made the Communist regime to ban the movie during the '80s, considering it as having a strong subversive potential. (This was not the first Pintilie's banned movie in Romania: during the '70s, another one, "Reconstituirea", a satyric critique of the totalitarian Communist regime, was added on the black list of forbidden movies).

But, IMHO, the strongest part of this movie is not the director or the fact that it spoke up against a totalitarian regime. Its best moments reside in the tremendous performances of the actors. Rebengiuc, Dinica, Mihut, Diaconu, Vasilescu -- to name just a few -- give their best acting experience in this movie. It is a pity that they are not so well-known outside the Romanian cultural sphere...


Think of this movie as a Romanian "Firemen's Ball" or a Balkanic "Il Vitelloni", but with a finger stuck on the fast-forward button, and you'll have a good approximation of it. :o)

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Filmul il puteti gasi aici. Daca nu l-ati vazut, rusine, Dinu Patriciu!



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Florin Pîtea spunea...

"with a finger stuck on the fast-forward button" - unde oare am mai întîlnit expresia asta? :D

Turambar spunea...

Nu recunosc nimic! E o pura intimplare! E o pura coincidenta! Pur si simplu statea cartea deschisa pe birou fix la pagina aia cind am scris aceasta recenzie :) :) :p