sâmbătă, 16 ianuarie 2010

Do not forsake me, oh my darling

For those of you who know me from KG or from other forums, you might remember that one of my first avatars was a Lee Van Cleef image taken from the beginning of High Noon.

High Noon. That's what they used to call a Western, mates.

I post this for its nostalgia value. Personal nostalgia, as well as the sheer amounts of it generated by the superb intro ballad sang by Tex Ritter.

I pray thee, gentle folks and ladies. Temporary suspend your disbelief, give yourself two minutes of your dreary bleak consummerist life and listen to the song. It will shrink your heart. It will make you dream of horses. You will smell gunpowder and duty and honour and pain. And sadness, of course :)

:whistling: Do not forsake me, oh my darliiiing... :whistling:

Do not forsake me, oh my darling
Do not forsake me, oh my darling
On this our wedding day
Do not forsake me, oh my darling
Wait, wait along
I do not know what fate awaits me
I only know I must be brave
For I must face a man who hates me
Or die a coward, a craven coward
Or die a coward in my grave

Oh, to be torn twixt love and duty
Supposin' I love my fair haired beauty
Look at that big hand movin' round
Nearin' high noon
He made a vow while in state prison
Said it would be my life or hisn'
I'm not afraid to die but oh
What will I do if you leave me?

Do not forsake me, oh my darling
You make that promise as a bride
Do not forsake me, oh my darling
Although you're grievin', don't think of leavin'
Not while I need you by my side

Wait along, wait along
Wait along, wait along

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As asculta, dar e disabled.

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Scuze. Am fost plecat. De-abia acum am vazut. Intr-adevar, intre timp a fost disabled. Din fericire, il poti gasi aici: