luni, 11 august 2008

Tie / No Tie

First, you don't have to wear a tie. All those manual labour employees. All those IT geeks and cameramen and drivers and back-office people. The sweat. The hard labour. The routine. The beer. The wires.

Then, you have to wear a tie. All those would-be-s, all those junior executives and bank clerks and other white collars starting to deal with money. The gleam of enthousiasm in their eyes. The craving. The papers. The graphs. The memos.

Then, the privilege of affording not to wear a a tie. All those small-business owners and senior executives that you know they could, or would, wear a tie, but they can live without. The satisfaction. The conceit. The power. The trophy wife.

Then, the privilege of not being able to live without a tie. The diplomats. The public figures. The seniors. The power. The money. The glory.

The craving.


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