luni, 4 august 2008

The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

Am eu o rugaminte, pentru seninatatea sufletului meu si limpezimea creierului vostru. Cand mai venitzi pe'aici cu gura plina de religie, shtitzi voi care, aia care incurca ideologia cu stiinta, datzi mai intai o fuga pe aici. Sau pe aici. Sau pe aici.

Si, daca shtitzti limba engleza, cititzi. Ca sa intzelegetzi shi voi ce e aia o teorie, si de ce gaina nu canta la pian, si de ce religia nu e stiinta. Si ca sa facetzi si voi, in creierashul ala al vostru plin de pilde shi de sfaturi duhovniceshti, diferentza intre diverse paliere de plauzibilitate explicativa. Ca una e sa despici apele cu toiagul, shi alta e sa pui pe picioare o teorie.

Iata, de'aia unii oameni au nevoie de cunostinte suplimentare. Ca sa nu spun altfel... :(

As to whether progress consists in science discovering ultimate truths, Kuhn observed that "we may have to relinquish the notion, explicit or implicit, that changes of paradigm carry scientists and those who learn from them closer and closer to the truth." Instead, the developmental process of science is one of evolution from primitive beginnings through successive stages that are characterized by an increasingly detailed and refined understanding of nature. Kuhn argued that this is not a process of evolution toward anything, and he questioned whether it really helps to imagine that there is one, full, objective, true account of nature. He likened his conception of the evolution of scientific ideas to Darwin's conception of the evolution of organisms.

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