luni, 4 august 2008

Si nu ne duce pre noi in boala

Shi nu ne duce pre noi in boala
Shi ne izbaveshte de cel infestat.

[...] The implication is that religious diversity causes people to keep themselves to themselves, and thus makes it harder for them to catch germs from infidels.

Of course, correlation is not causation. But religion is not the only cultural phenomenon that stops groups of people from mixing. Language has the same effect, and in another, as yet unpublished study Mr Fincher and Dr Thornhill found a similar relationship there too. Moreover, their search of the literature turned up work which suggests that xenophobia is linked psychologically with fear of disease (the dirty foreigner…). Perhaps, then, the underlying reason why there is so much hostility between ethnic groups is nothing to do with the groups themselves, but instead with the diseases they may bring.

LOL. De aici, de la nesimtzitzii ashtia care iau numele Domnului in deshert. Ce tzie si cu shtiintza asta. Nu mai e pic de respect in lume. Nenorocitzii ashtia, care blasfemiaza orice. Lasa, ca o sa'i bata Dumnezeu cu mare furia Sa. Si noi n'o sa ne mai imbolnavim... :)

Courtesy of The Economist

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