marți, 5 august 2008

Suedezilor li s'a pus pata

Sunt curios cum vor veni sa combata asta cei care mor cu religia de gat si si'ar dori ca aceasta sa explice lumea. Uite ca sunt si capitalisti desteptzi, nu? Ia privitzi ca avem shi capitalishti atei. Hopa! Alearga religia din shcoala. Ba nu! Blasfemie! Nici macar atat. Ii lasa pe copii sa se roage, dar interzice programelor scolare sa prezinte explicatiile religioase ca si cum ar fi adevarate.

Auzitzi, mai stimatzi crestini ortodocsi de rit totalitar? Nu'i mai lasa, bre, sa explice copiilor ca e pamantul plat si ca stimatele noastre doamne se trag din coasta noastra.

Manca'i'ar mama de vikingi, cum le e lor frica de bomba verde si cu semiluna :)

Courtesy of Alandra, care mi'a indicat linkul aici. De fapt, e un articol din The Guardian. Ups. Altzi capitalishti atei. Mama lor care nu vrea sa vada lumina mantuirii...

The Swedish government is making it illegal for schools to teach religious doctrine as if it were true. Britain should follow suit.

The Swedish government has announced plans to clamp down hard on religious education. It will soon become illegal even for private faith schools to teach religious doctrines as if they were true. In an interesting twist on the American experience, prayer will remain legal in schools - after all, it has no truth value. But everything that takes place on the curriculum’s time will have to be secular. “Pupils must be protected from every sort of fundamentalism,” said the minister for schools, Jan Björklund.

Creationism and ID are explicitly banned but so is proselytising even in religious education classes. The Qur’an may not be taught as if it is true even in Muslim independent schools, nor may the Bible in Christian schools. The decision looks like a really startling attack on the right of parents to have their children taught what they would like. Of course it does not go so far as the Dawkins policy of prohibiting parents from trying to pass on their doctrines even in their own families - and, if it did, it would certainly run foul of the European convention on human rights. It does not even go as far as Nyamko Sabuni, the minister for integration - herself born in Burundi - would like: she wanted to ban all religious schools altogether. But it is still a pretty drastic measure from an English perspective.

The law is being presented in Sweden as if it mostly concerned fundamentalist Christian sects in the backwoods; but the Christian Democratic party, which represents such people if anyone does, is perfectly happy with the new regulation. There is little doubt that combating Islamic fundamentalism is the underlying aim, especially in conjunction with another new requirement that all independent schools declare all their funding sources. This would allow the inspectors - whose budget is being doubled - to concentrate their efforts on those schools most likely to be paid to break the rules.

In the background to these announcements comes the release of a frightening documentary film on Swedish jihadis, which follows young men over a period of two years on their slow conversion to homicidal lunacy.

The question is whether we in Britain will come to see this as a necessary move in the struggle to contain Islamist ideologies. Can a defence of freedom convincingly be mounted by a state that takes such a firm view of what is or is not true? Or can freedom not be preserved without such measures? The dilemma makes no sense from a completely liberal position, where it is assumed that the truth will always win out in fair competition, and that the state is almost always to be distrusted. But Swedes have never really been liberal in that sense, notwithstanding the fact that the two ministers involved here are members of the Liberal party.

====== Si aici stirea initziala, de pe AFP ===============

Sweden cracks down on religious influences in schools

Oct 15, 2007

STOCKHOLM (AFP) — The Swedish government on Monday presented a series of proposals banning public and independent schools from introducing religious elements into their classes except during religion lessons.

Religious elements "can take place ... but only outside of coursework. Teaching should not be influenced" by religious beliefs, Swedish Education Minister Jan Bjoerklund told reporters.

He said religion could still be studied at school as a separate subject but other classes could in no way be influenced by religious convictions.

For example, the origin of human life would have to be explained from a scientific point of view and not a religious one, he said.

The Swedish government also plans to allocate additional funds to carry out controls on schools, sometimes unannounced.

The measures presented Monday would be included in new education legislation which is to be presented to parliament for a vote.

They would apply to public schools as well as independent schools, which also receive funding from the state. Private schools are exempt.

Sweden has some 800 independent schools, both primary and secondary. According to the Dagens Nyheter newspaper, about 10 percent of these schools have a religious profile.

Bjoerklund said the initiative would help improve transparency about the financing of these schools.

He cited the case of an independent Muslim school that had received financial aid from a fundamentalist Islamic organisation in Saudi Arabia.

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Anonim spunea...

bravo lor! mă bate un gând să emigrez pă la ei, că tot face fiică-mea vârsta de mers la şcoală...

Turambar spunea...

Stai sa vezi... :( Noi am retras-o de la ora de religie. Noroc ca mai sunt doua gemene musulmane in clasa ei, care nici ele nu merg la ora de ideologie, ca au ele ideologia lor acasa, ca altminteri ar fi fost saraca Marta singura si stinghera. Dar a fost fata intzeleapta shi a intzeles.

Life is a bitch and then we're Romanians :(

Anonim spunea...

Fiul meu a terminat cl.I în iunie. Din prima zi de şcoală am depus o cerere prin care am solicitat să nu participe la orele de religie. Iniţial mi s-a spus că nu scrie nimic de ateism în lege ?! După scandalul de rigoare mi s-a aprobat cererea.

___ spunea...

Capitalisti, dar daca e sa-i luam la bani marunti pe suedezi sau francezi(mari fani ai laicismului) gasim o gramada de social-democratie, chiar si cu regimurile actuale de centru dreapta. :P

Oricum ma bucur sa vad ca chiar si prin tactici din-astea gen realpolitik pot avea rezultate bune uneori. Pe de alta parte, tot datorita luptei impotriva terorismului si fundamentalismului, suedezii au hotarat ca pot intercepta toate comunicatiile electronice. Deci nu mai e Tatal nostru cel din ceruri dar s-au procopsit cu Fratele nostru mai mare din gubern.

Turambar spunea...

Mhhh. Nishte socialisti, da'i incolo de stalinisti in disguise :)

Anonim spunea...

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