marți, 25 ianuarie 2011

Kaos be thy name

Cu gindul la primavara, cind ne vom duce pina in dulcele tirg al Poloniei sa il vedem din nou live, si cu nasul intr-o saracie de sondaj care trebuie sa fie gata acum, ieri, repede, cum, nu e deja terminat?,

simt cum trec undele radio prin mine si cinta cinta cinta rezoneaza electric i sing my body electric mother should i build the wall? tell me true tell me why was jesus crucified was it you was it me did i watch too much tv? is there a hiiint of accusatiiion in your eyes?

da, domle, il stiu pe de rost, il scriu la foc continuu, il cint in cap si cind dorm.

Hai, e timpul sa treaca undele radio prin voi, zaticnitzilor.

if it weren't for the nips being good at building ships...


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ana spunea...

night after night, going round and round my brain, his dream is driving me insane...
wink :

april 18, driving towards the wall on the 16th, yeeiiii!