sâmbătă, 1 decembrie 2012

La mulți ani, frumoaso!


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Zamfir spunea...

Este interesantă şi ... sugestivă imaginea!

ADRIAN spunea...

O fotografie si trista si optimista in acelasi timp. Eu insa am starnit doar tristete cu postarea mea prin care am scos cateva pasaje dintr-o carte a unui fost consul britanic in principate si care a publicat-o in 1820 ca urmare a acestei experiente. Si unul dintre citate este:
“The natural richness, and the various resources of Wallachia and Moldavia, are such, that if those countries could enjoy the important advantages of a regular government and wise administration, under which industry and agriculture should receive their due encouragement, the trade of exports laid oped, the commercial intercourse with foreign nations set upon a proper fiiting, and finally, the mines explored, they would in a short time become the most populous and most flourishing provinces of Europe. The harbour of Galatz would soon stand in rivalship with all the ports of the Black Sea, not excepting Odessa.
The fertility of the soil is such as to procure nourishment for ten times the number of the present population, and leave wherewith to supply other countries besides; the comon return of cultivation being sicteen-fold, and in more favourable seasons, twenty five.
Nature has furnished them with every possible means of becoming prosperous; men have ever proved themselves the determined enemies of their prosperity.”
Se mai potriveste dupa 200 de ani? La multi ani!