marți, 8 februarie 2011

What a day that was

Intr-adevar, azi a fost o zi. O zi intensa. Drept pentru care dam legatura in studio la intensii nostri de servici, la cel mai foarte nemaipomenit concert de energie pura si de expresivitate bine zvicnita, la monstrii artistici cu capete vorbitoare.

Sau, ca sa citam din comentariile de pe YouTube:

im not usually one for live albums as the artists are usually too messed up to perform well (with some exceptions, i.e. dylan, guns n roses (most of the time), and even the beatles way back), but stop making sense exemplifies one of the rare instances when the live show is actually much better than the studio recordings. this is the pinnacle of a live performance and more bands should strive to do live shows like this, with such quality of musicianship, artistry, and performance.

Doamnelor si domnilor, distinsi zbuciumati si ciumati si perciunati. Pardon: perciumati. Sa cinte muzica.

Talking Heads - What a Day That Was
(live performance, 1983, Stop Making Sense)

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