miercuri, 10 septembrie 2008

The Straight Dope

For those who don't know about it yet, you might as well enlighten your day reading once in a while The Straight Dope.

There is this swell and funny guy, Cecil Adams, who spends his life debunking things and answering to the most gruesome, hilarious, stupid and unexpected questions. Since 1973 he strives to bring light to the poor poor masses and to fight ignorance. And to have fun in the process, of course.

Hei, wait! Don't rush to conclusions. He might be funny, but surely he answers all these obnoxious questions in the most thoroughly and considerate manner, approaching every one of them with a clear, balanced, scientific mind and language, basing his statements on sound research and proving that journalism and intelligence can, unexpectedly, sometimes meet :). But, you know, they're Anglo-Saxons and protestants and Westerners and bullies. Hence some exceptions might apply. :)

Therefore, I kindly pray thee to pay them a visit. It will make the difference between reading a cheap ha-ha blog and spending a nice ten minutes with your brain, alone under the starry vault of thy skull.

Just a last word: it's a pity though they've changed the site structure and there ain't no "Classic Columns" left anymore. They were consummate delight.


LATER EDIT: If you just perform a "Straight Dope Classic" query in their search form, it will bring you the goodies.

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