miercuri, 17 septembrie 2008

Sa mori tu...

Mai am putzin si-mi dau lacrimile de emotie.

Sau de ras. Inca nu-mi dau seama.

I'm just floating on a sea of enlightened bewilderment.


Floating and sinking represent not only a regression from the verbal, symbolic to the non-verbal, pre-symbolic world structurally present as core of the Unconscious (as Id), but also a direct proof that interlocution is not the primary locus of subjectivity; that the first experience of one’s being is that of his/her bodily ego; and that silent experience and silent existence
constitute the most fundamental, profound and ultimate nucleus of subjectivity, as well as the primordial source of vital narcissism and the effective matrix of all poetry – of the poetical
sensation of one’s world, of the creative dynamics of one’s fantasy, articulated or not in the formal language of an art.


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