joi, 6 septembrie 2012

Trickster, trickster, failing bright Thru the forests of the might

– Do you want to trick them or to teach them? said the joker to the clown, expertly chewing the end of a half-burned cigarette.

– I want to trick them into learning, answered the clown with his usual sad, serious face.

– What do you want to teach them? What should they learn? The jokew blew fat rings of smoke in the air. The clown resented it. He didn’t like people smoking. He chased the smoke away.

– I want to teach them they are tricked.

– Aha. Nice. That’s a nice trick. But it won’t work, said the joker to the clown, butting the cigarette, while with the other hand mindlessly playing with the topmost piece from a deck of cards. It was a king of hearts.

– They never learn. You’d better start teaching them to laugh. Or to run.

Outside, the wind cried Mary.

– Don’t listen to it. It’s just another trick, said the joker to the clown, snapping the card between his fingers.

It was a king of hearts.

The clown resented it.


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