duminică, 3 februarie 2008

Some people have it all

Some people have it all.

And I get mad.

I'm listening to this piece of Romantic music. I've incidentally stumbled upon it and decided to give it a try in its entirety. Mendelssohn, the string quartets. And I try to dig, to understand Romantics, music-wise. I'm still at pains with it. The baroque stamp is too strong on my ears.

And while listening to them, courtesy of the Emerson String Quartet and the bloody Internet p2p pirating community, I was also leafing thru the covers, reading the booklet. And what I discover? This bloody guy knew also how to draw.

Lokkie here: this ink here below is done by Mendelssohn. Not only that the bloody bastard knew how to play the piano, to compose and to woo ladies. He also had the nerve to draw. And drew he did. Look at it! It's great... The lines. The composition. The unity. The style. Do you hear me? The style!

Damn! Me and my bloody belly. And moustache. And nuffin else. I so deeply suck...


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