vineri, 15 februarie 2008

For those who know

For those who know and care.

In the current Six Nations Cup edition, Wales recently beat England 26 to 19, on British ground, first time after twenty years. It was a memorable game, although there were critics complaining about the high level of errors (ball handling, tackling, field position, kicking tactics).

Screw the critics. Fer me, and fer plenty of others like me, it was a great game, with a thrilling end and a great result. The imperialist British bulldog was unexpectedly defeated on home ground by the Celtic red dragon. Great job, Hook! Go Wales!

Anyway... The game is over. Now is time fer fun.

To get the picture: the Welsh national team is based mostly on the Osprey club team, while the British T-shirt features that annoying O2 commercial logo, next to its red rose rugby symbol.


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Anonim spunea...

Great game that was. Cymru am byth!
Deja de mult timp prefer rugbyul în locul fotbalului.

Turambar spunea...

Cymru am byth, mate, Cymru am byth!


Ma chinui de trei zile sa vad tot meciul Wales vs Scotland, courtesy of my friends from Diwana. Am vazut doar prima repriza.

Dupa cum joaca Wales, tare m-as bucura sa bata si Franta si sa faca Marele Slem. E o echipa care chiar merita.

Cymru am byth!

Anonim spunea...

mate... la rugby nu se pricepe subsemnatu, place sa vada contact alergat, sugrumat, catch etc , da' nu se precepe.
Da' dupa 3 zile ma achit de promesiunea cu avocatii asa ca iata: