marți, 15 martie 2011

Demnitate in momentele de cumpana

Ce este impresionant, chiar mai mult decit priceperea inginereasca sau perseverenta, este demnitatea cu care infrunta momentele grele. Grace under pressure.

Ma inclin respectuos in fata puterii si elegantei acestei doamne si a acestui popor.


About 15,000 people have been rescued, Kyodo News reported Monday, citing Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan. On Sunday, he called on people to pull together and face sacrifices during what he called the "toughest and most difficult crisis for Japan" since the end of World War II.

Among the residents rescued was a woman carried into a shelter by a civil defense solider, NHK reported. After he gingerly set her down, the woman rose to her feet with some difficulty and bowed to the soldier, told him she was all right, bowed again and then collected herself to briefly tell her story, paraphrased by an NHK interpreter:

"She had been waiting for help all night outside. She had been washed away by the wave. ... The moment she opened the door of the house, the water flooded in. ... She grabbed hold of a tree and hung on, hung on for dear life with the water all around her. A ... floor mat floated by, and she grabbed it and held on to that."

As the woman spoke in Japanese, the interpreter's voice trembled in English: "Her daughter was washed away. She was washed away, and she has not found her."

Text: CNN

Fotografie: Old Japan Photo

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Cristi spunea...

Japonia a fost data cu totul peste cap. Incredibil! Sunt sigur ca isi va reveni, dar va fi greu avand in vedere ce dezastru a fost!

ZaffCat spunea...

Cam relativa chestia asta cu revenitul... ce este mai important, natiunea sau individul? :-(

Camil spunea...

Japonia e...altceva; popor puternic, greu de înțeles pentru un occidental

Pongo spunea...

Chestia asta ar trebui sa ne aduca aminte permanent ca suntem imperfecti, atat ca natie cat si ca indivizi.
Sper ca supravietuitorii sa iasa din incercarea asta in bine. Revenirea nu e niciodata o solutie. Lumea se schimba, oamenii se schimba.

Dragos Bora spunea...

NHK reports on a firefighter who continues the rescue effort knowing his family is gone.

Era si voluntar... ... ...

Dragos Bora spunea...

Turambar spunea...