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Nu stiam eu de ce nu ma pot trezi dimineata

Several studies have accumulated evidence that substantiate the Savanna-IQ interaction hypothesis. Kanazawa and Perina (2009) contended, and then verified, that intelligent individuals are more inclined to flourish at night. Specifically, humans evolved to be diurnal -- to restrict most of their activities to the day rather than to the night.

Many arguments reinforce the proposition that humans, throughout evolution, tend to be
active mainly in the day. First, humans rely appreciably on their vision -- a sensory modality that is not especially effective at night, particularly before the advent of artificial light. Second, in almost all traditional cultures, as emphasized by a vast array of ethnographies, activity begins at dawn and tends to wane at dusk. This pattern, for example, has been observed in the Yanomano, the Mukogodo, the !Kung San, and the Sacha Runa (for a brief review, see Kanazawa & Perina, 2009).

Accordingly, the modern trend to udnertake some activity in the night, a trend that was facilitated by artificial lighting, demands intelligence. That is, according to the Savanna-IQ interaction hypothesis, general intelligence is needed to complete tasks that diverged from the ubiquitous activities in a previous epoch. General intelligence, therefore, should be correlated with willingness to maintain activity during the night.

To assess this possibility, high school students completed a test of verbal intelligence, the Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test. In addition, participants were asked to estimate the time they usually retire to bed on both school days and weekends. Consistent with the Savanna-IQ interaction hypothesis, students who performed well on the test of verbal intelligence also typically retired to bed late (Kanazawa & Perina, 2009).

Sursa: aici.

Cautati Savanna IQ si cititi de ce unii oameni tind sa fie atei, sa stea ca huhurezii pina noaptea tirziu, sa fie mai superficiali, mai putin constiinciosi si mai dati dracu la creeru lor arogant si adaptat la inutilitatea societatii modern-contemporane.

Al dracu bec, cum schimba dom'le lumea asta si cum separa pe unii de altii...

:p :p :p

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matusalem spunea...

Pe la noi, din timpuri de mult uitate, se spune ca: "Noaptea misuna numai liliecii, ceferistii si navetistii". Savarina ala cred ca nu si-a facut studiul pe aici... :) :)

Anonim spunea...

offtopic, oarecum
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p spunea...

˝Cautati Savanna IQ si cititi de ce unii oameni tind sa fie atei, sa stea ca huhurezii pina noaptea tirziu˝

Trebuie ca-i o greseala pe undeva.Io unu desi stau noaptea ca huhurezii pana tarziu si in ciuda faptului ca -asa cum se vede si din superbul meu comentar- sunt in plina inteligenta verbala, tind sa nu fiu ateu.

Cora_ spunea...

Ma intreb, o conta ce fel de bec folosesi? Ca n-o fi acelasi lucru daca ai bec cu incadescenta, neon sau leduri... ca sa nu mai vorbesc ca poate depinde si de spectrul luminos folosit... :)))
Am auzit io insa ca lumina televizorului tampeste... :)