miercuri, 20 octombrie 2010

A taste of things to come

O trupa pe nedrept uitata: Blood Sweat & Tears.

Despre vremea care va sa vina.

Doamnelor si domnilor, stimati muzicofobi, un pic de tristetze senina la urechi.


Sometimes in Winter
I gaze into the streets
and walk through snow and city sleet
behind your room

Sometimes in Winter
forgotten memories
remember you behind the trees
with leaves that cried

By the window once I waited for you
laughing slightly you would run
trees alone would shield us in the meadow
makin' love in the evening sun

Now you're gone girl
and the lamp posts call your name
I can hear, them
in the spring of frozen rain
now you're gone girl
and the time's slowed down till dawn
It's a cold room and the walls ask
where you've gone

Sometimes In Winter
I love you when the good times
seem like mem'ries in the spring
that never came

Sometimes In Winter
I wish the empty streets
Would fill with laughter from the tears
that ease my pain

2 comentarii:

Anca spunea...

Cu mine-n spital i-am luat! NU toti uitam, verishuare, nu toti! Da' deloc! :D

ZaffCat spunea...

Tot cu iarna, alti uitati... :-)