sâmbătă, 17 ianuarie 2009

Peau d'ane

He read voraciously, history especially, surrounding himself with books; his memory was virtually photographic, and he could get by in French, German, Gaelic, Italian, Spanish, Yiddish, Japanese, Hawaiian, and Navaho. But he posed as illiterate, hiding his erudition, as he hid his wealth under baggy clothes and his sensitivity under a tough crust.

John Ford: The Man and his Movies (Tag Gallagher, 1986, p. 4)

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Belle de Jour spunea...

mda, cateodata e greu sa schimbi...liga. stiu e o rautate, dar ia-o si ca pe un compliment a propos de unele si altele.
we placut.

Turambar spunea...

:) we placut shi tzie, doamna!

Belle de Jour spunea...

Multumesc :)