sâmbătă, 10 ianuarie 2009

The Winter Is Coming

[...] we open with the prologue. Waymar, Gared and Will ranging beyond the wall when they are set up by Others.

After the prologue, the credit sequence. A raven is sent from Castle Black to King's Landing. As it flies over Westeros we see the map, the raven dips down over points of interest (Winterfell, The Eyrie, etc.) and the map fades from view to show the actual castles. Eventually, the raven flies into the Red Keep and lands on the Iron Throne. End credits.

Next the beheading scene. Plays out almost exactly like the book, down to Theon kicking the disembodied head. Then the direwolf pups are discovered.

The rest here. The story line for the trial pilot for the SOIAF series.

You know what this meands? It means, my dear fellows, that I've just found today that HBO intends to produce a TV series based on The Song Of Ice and Fire (SOIAF, for the acronym soup letter lovers). The name of the series will most probably be Game of Thrones, the first volume's title.

This means Santa Claws will bring us joy next Christmas.

Keep up an eye here. Or here. Or here.

And pray. Pray for HBO deciding to invest in this risky project, especially during these tight-waters financial times. Pray for them to choose the right people to fit the characters. Pray for HBO to avoid falling into the easy trap of cheesy Hollywood cheap fun (although, from what we know until know, they're kinda vaccinated from that danger). Pray for a well done script and good production values and for inspiration.

The winter is coming, mates. And this is one rare instance of good winter coming :)

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mackerelfish spunea...

hiiii :)

Anonim spunea...

no, ashe.
ca-l vazui si pe Cotizo Draia deunazi la tv. medic la smurd sibiu, si tare ma bucura revederea acestui nume. u son le jsf danţărţ?

turambarre, maria ta, fii milostiv si schimba-mi linkul de la blog, la categoria blogatii, caci nu mai sunt pe weblog din noiembrie. sarii pe wordpress, vezi la link.
mii de multumiri, toate anticipate.

Turambar spunea...

Done, April Sea. :)

Anonim spunea...

sint fabuloase cartile lui martin, tocmai am terminat vol 1. sincer sper sa nu moara pina nu termina seria de scris.