sâmbătă, 24 mai 2008

Great quotes

I love deadlines. I especially like the whooshing sound they make as they go flying by.
Douglas Adams

Last week I stated that this woman was the ugliest woman I had ever seen. I have since been visited by her sister and now wish to withdraw that statement.
Mark Twain


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Anonim spunea...

Don't be repetitive! Urasc sa fac de doo ori aceeasi demonstratieee!!!!!!!!! Sau ar trebui sa o schimb?
Voila un extra-bonus pentru cei insetati (cam brusc) de "cunoasterea sociologica" ;)
"You come across a coin laying heads up. Now, without looking at the other side of the coin, you filp it and it lands heads up. At this point you have no reason to believe that the probability that the coin is double-sided is greater than its being fair, which means that the probability for the coin being fair is equal to that of its being double-sided.
So what is the probabiltiy that the coin is fair given that the flip landed heads?"
Deci...care e aceasta probabilitate? E ca ..votul sau nu? De ce "da", de ce "nu"? Motivati, argumentati si exemplificati va rog.
De fapt e bine, nu?! Desi iti trebe' nervi tari (contam pe ei hi hi hi).
Spor ...Bafta - ai nevoie ...sa vezi ce vine saptamana viitoare...
Trafic! si multa bafta (a! bravos pentru ultimele "extractii")

Turambar spunea...

The coin has a 50 - 50 chance of being fair, respectivelly being fake.

a) if the coin is fair: it has a 50% chance to fall on its heads, and a 50% chance to fall on its tails. That would be 25 - 25 of the whole 50% fair chance

b) if the coin is fake, then it has an 100% probability to fall on its heads. adjusted withe the 50% fake probability, that would be 50%

So... A heads result is the combination of a 25% probability of having a fair coin and a 50% probability of having a fake coin (the rest of 25% probability is the event that didn't happen: tails, if the coin is fair).

Therefore 25 - 50. Adjusted to 100, we have 33 - 66. Therefore, we have a chance in three (33%) of having a fair coin.

Am zis bine?


Anonim spunea...

Nice point!