sâmbătă, 31 mai 2008

Fear Of The Polls

Usually, I'm not that much into Iron Maiden. I like them, but I do not swear upon them, as I swear on Brel, Gentle Giant or on Van der Graaf Generator.

However, this evening the whisper deep down inside suddenly brought me the lines in my mind:

....Fear of the dark ....Fear of the dark

And you know what? I do listen to my subconscious. It tells me about my fears, my desires, my angers and my lusts. You know, the usual suspects. The pulsions. The animal within. The spoiled brat. The reptilian brain. The four ethological F's: Flight Fight Feed Fuck.

Therefore, let's dig. What would that fear be? Am I afraid of screwing up the numbers? Of course. Each and every time, before any Exit Poll, my heart was tight. This evening the same. I squelch it now with a drop of brown strong rum. Bacardi. Tomorrow I will drown it with coffee and with plenty of Red Bull. Then perhaps with some single malt Scotch, in the evening, if things will be OK. Or if things will get wrong.

But for now, it's tight. Therefore, let Iron Maiden sing. For all our tight hearts. For all those who're afraid to be in the dark. Including me: will it be ok? Heavens know. Including you, my dear clients, who are afraid of losing the game, the money, the fame, fortune and glory and therefore who will ceasessly phone me tomorrow for fresh, unadulterated data. Will you win? Heavens know. And the polls, of course... :)

Therefore, for all of us and for all of our fears, I raise this brown stained glass and drink. Hail! Hail to the pain...

And for all those of you who believe in beauty, youth and innocence, rejoice. Rejoice, rejoice, there ain't no choice. Dylan will sing fer you. And fer me, of course. He will sooth us to sleep.

Wish us good luck tomorrow, mates, and pray to the non-existent gods to steer them bloody probabilities the right way. So help us Gauss...


Iron Maiden - Fear Of The Dark

Bob Dylan - It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)

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Anonim spunea...

Probably your best and most honest post. Have a good one tommorow! Hell! Have the best one today! It's today already!

Anonim spunea...

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