joi, 12 februarie 2009

N'atz ghicit

Raspunsul la cea mai recenta ghicitoare cinematografica.
Nu v'atz priceput. Next time sa va facetz temele:

The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T

Certainly not your standard issue 1950s-style musical, The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T has gained a substantial cult following in the decades since its release. This is due primarily to the contributions of Ted Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss, who wrote the imaginative screenplay and helped design the surrealistic look of the sets and costumes for the lengthy dream sequence that makes up the body of the film. The look, in particular, is impressive, from the Seuss-ian curves and spirals of the sets to the finger-beanies atop the boys' heads to the roller-skating twins connected by their shared beard. Less successful is the screenplay; while it has some delightful sequences, it's a bit disjointed, and its Freudian underpinnings are at times odd and jarring. The direction is fine, but it falls short of reaching the imaginative heights that the material requires. Tommy Rettig does a commendable job in the leading role, and Hans Conried makes a marvelously sly and slithery Dr. T. Mary Healy is fine as Mrs. Collins, but Peter Lind Hayes leaves something to be desired as the boy's father figure. Ultimately Dr. T disappoints by not living up to its potential, but it's a unique film that children especially will find rewarding.

Puteti citi si pe Wikipedia despre film.

Dar, ca de obicei, o imagine face cat 1000..., pardon, cat 5000 de vorbe.

Daramite doo filmuletze, in care sa va facetzi cat de cat o idee:

Il gasiti aici, courtesy of FreakyFlicks.

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