marți, 8 aprilie 2008


Jerrymandering, the big style.

Look at the way they've carved the national borders against nature, landscape and common sense. Look how the Sur Darya Valley is blocked by part of Tadjikistan, around they town of Koudhjand, just to block the valley and the access to and from Fergana, in Uzbekistan.

Instead of keeping the border up on the mountain ridge, they've just carved themselves a big chunk of the valley, including the town and the lake (most probably an artificial / dam lake).

Bloody invaders. Bloody geostrategists. Playing with people like playing with toys.

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oceania spunea...

off topic
deci asa, e ziua ta azi:) sa traiesti si sa fii sanatos!

Bogdan spunea...

Ce? Cum?
E mai baba cu o luna si cateva zile decat mandea?

Hodorogul! Il credeam mai tanar cu cateva zile!

Sa traiasca si sa creasca mare! :)

Turambar spunea...

Voi bea pentru voi, paganilor. Pagini intregi de sintaxa si pahare de grafice.

Huoooo! Vreau ziua mea! :)