joi, 19 noiembrie 2009

The elections are coming! Run, you fools...

Since Josh found me again (long story short: he mailed me recently: hei you bloody Romanian, are you still alive? is there still electricity in Romania? do you still use that bloody e-mail of yours? which one, mate? which one? tell me before I muster an army to conquer Romania, to save you from thy innumerable sins)



Deci, ashadar shi prin urmare: since Josh found me again and sent me an illuminatory piece of visual advice (see bellow; caution: smoking could irremediably affect your health), I momentarily switch to that bloody foreign language that I still remember (no, not Russian; the other imperialist language; nobody's fault but mine) and urge you to perform various physical intense elusive defensive non-predictive activities in order to avoid all possible spatio-temporal contiguities with the incoming Romanian elections.

In simpler non-sociological terms: run, you fools! The elections are coming. Run!

Run, you fools! Run for your lives. Not only that the elections are coming, but there's a greater danger around. Joshua is on the loose. He might come and getcha, you bloody hopeless bloggin' victim.

Run, I said! Americans prowling this blog. Run!

:) :rofl: :friends:

2 comentarii:

Unknown spunea...

You didn't tell them that that is a picture of me.

Turambar spunea...

Yeah. Sure. Get them, Clint...

:) :p