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Research War Stories

Asa ceva nu e posibil.

Ba nu. Din cate se pare, asha ceva chiar e posibil.

Drept pentru care la urmatoarele focus grupuri ma gandesc sa-mi angajez niste asistentzi de la Scorseze sau de la BGS. Sau sa achizitionam in leasing o camera de filmat cu foc automat. Si cu geam unidirectional, evident, sa vedem pe unde se imprashtie sangele in sala de focus grup.


Courtesy of Luminita, carele le gaseste si sheruieshte. :)

5. Research War Stories: The one about the barroom-brawl focus group

In the popular War Stories column, which has run sporadically in Quirk's since 1994, Art Shulman, president of Shulman Research in Van Nuys, Calif., presents humorous tales of life in the research trenches, based on his own experiences and those of researcher friends and colleagues. [...]

Bill Sartain recalls a group he moderated in a motel room in a very small town in southeast Georgia. During one group, made up of "heavy" male beer drinkers, one of the respondents persisted in firing off expletives about a particular brand of beer. But it was only after he began assailing those who were "dumb enough to drink that s---" that another respondent took issue. The next thing Sartain knew, the two 300-plus-lb. respondents were
nose to nose, pushing and shoving each other, and the scene became very ugly as the other respondents egged on the combatants. Fortunately, calmer heads prevailed after the four clients in the adjacent room came bolting in to the rescue, and the two were separated and sent packing in their pick-ups, which of course had gun racks in the back windows. Sartain says he was never really worried since their bellies were so big they couldn't have reached one another with their fists.

Art Shulman tells of a survey among subscribers to a biker magazine, where 10 percent of the respondents (heavily skewed to riding Harley-Davidsons) indicated they were currently in jail and responding from there. That sure messed up the question on household size. One subscriber indicated he was part of a throng of 8,000 (all of his fellow inmates), while another reported there were two in his cell, including himself.


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