miercuri, 8 decembrie 2010

Thank you, Nucky

Did you ever sit and ponder
sit and wonder,
sit and think
why we're here
and what this life
is all about?

It's a problem
that has driven
many brainy men
to drink
it's the weirdest thing
they've tried
to figure out
about a thousand
different theories
all the scientists can show
but never yet have
proved a reason why
with all we've thought
and all we're taught
why all we seem to know
is we're born,
we live a while
and then we die.

Life's a very funny
proposition after all.

Imagination, jealousy
hypocrisy and all
three meals a day
a whole lot to say
when you haven't
got the coin
you're always
in the way
as we wind
our way along
every fellow claims
the other fellow's
in the wrong
hurried and worried
until we're buried
and there's
no curtain call
life's a very funny
after all
when all things
are coming easy
and when luck
is with a man
why, then life
to him
is sunshine
then the fates blow
rather breezy
and quite upset
a plan
then he'll cry
that life's a burden
hard to bear
though today may be
a day of smiles
and what brings me joy
may bring you care and woe
we're born to die
but don't know why
or what
it's all about
and the more
we try to learn
the less we know
life's a very
funny proposition
you can bet
and no one's ever
solved the problem
properly as yet
young for a day
then old and grey
like the rose
that buds and blooms
and fades
and falls away
losing health
to gain our wealth
as through this dream we tour
everything's a guess
and nothing's
absolutely sure
battles exciting
and fates we're fighting
until the curtains fall
life's a very funny proposition
after all.

Boardwalk Empire, Season 01, Episode 12, A Return To Normalcy.

Thank you, Nucky. Thank you, Margaret.


3 comentarii:

Bujold spunea...

Ti-a placut? Si cum te simti acum, cand stii ca mai sunt 9 luni pana la sezonul 2?

Turambar spunea...

Ceee? Gata? S-a terminat sezonul 1? Si mie de ce nu-mi spune nimeni nimic? Ca stateam ca fraierii saptamina viitoare sa asteptam sa apara.

Evident ca mi-a / ne-a placut mult de tot. Am ajuns deja, si eu si Flo, in stadiul in care sa ne para rau ca nu avem mai multe episoade in fiecare seara de luni sa le vedem.

Neasteptat de bine facut. Oamenii astia de la HBO sint buni, dom'le, sint buni. Se vede mina producatorului de la The Sopranos (Terence Winter). Iar Steve Buscemi si Kelly Macdonald sint excelenti. Ca si ceilalti actori, de altminteri.

Mare surpriza placuta, pt care trebuie sa-i multumesc lui Sutu, ca el ne-a deschis ochii sa ne uitam la el.


DMZ spunea...

Vezi si Sons of Anarchy http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1124373/
E un serial extraordinar.