joi, 9 septembrie 2010

I'll have what she's having

Wait till the end of the sequence to understand what the title really means.

Don't worry: it starts slowly, but then it really climaxes fast.

...Ooops. Damn it! Me and my horrible puns.

Yes. Yes. Yes! Yes!! YeEESSS!

:wink: :rofl:

3 comentarii:

Kilroy spunea...

Stiam. Dar cetitorii mai tineri, nu cred. Asa ca e folositor. Iar filmul merita atentie, chiar daca unii vor cauta numai asa ceva in continut :-D
Uitasem. Barbatii pot sa simuleze o relatie intreaga. Asa ca fetelor, beware.

Kilroy spunea...

Remember intr-unul din seria Naked Gun, Leslie Nielsen si Priscilla Priestley se cearta. Isi arunca tot soiul de acuzatii si la sfarsit el o anunta maiestuos "I faked orgasm"

Turambar spunea...